All Charts get Updates Lifetime

Anonymus Data

All your data is anonymus
and transmitted via HTTPS for
more security! Using
YellowPhoenix18-Stats do not
track you!

Low CPU-Usage

YellowPhoenix18-Stats needs very
low CPU-Usage

Stable Servers

YellowPhoenix18-Stats has stable
servers to show the statistics everytime,
you need them.

What does YellowPhoenix18-Stats exactly do?

YellowPhoenix18-Stats is an system to track software-data to optimize the software to the needs of my customers. With YellowPhoenix18-Stats you can also check the current trend of any software. To create this charts YellowPhoenix18-Stats is sending data anonymus to this server every 15 minutes. This process does not create any lag and take very,very low CPU-Usage, but give you and me an awesome feedback.